Attention: Owners/Managers Of Buildings With Flat Top Roofs
Attention: Building Owners/Managers
DO NOT REPLACE YOUR ROOF! may be able to save tens of thousands of dollars...
Learn more below...
"Stop The Needless Cycle Of Patching... Repairing... And Replacing Your Flat Top Roof —
And Permanently Seal It  For 50 Years!"
No Replacement Required.
Learn more below...
Introducing: A Smarter Flat Roof Solution...
The 50-Year "EverSeal Roof System"
Watch This Video To See How EverSeal:

1.  Permanently Seals And Stops Roof Leaks... 

2.  Keeps Your Roof Working 50 Years Longer... No Replacement Required.

3.  Costs 40-50% Less Than Traditional Roofing Projects…

4.  Is Proven Over 130 Million Square Feet...
Watch The Video Below To See How EverSeal:

1.  Permanently Seals And Stops Roof Leaks... 

2.  Keeps Your Roof Working 50 Years Longer... No Replacement Required.

3.  Costs 40-50% Less Than Traditional Roofing Projects…

4.  Is Proven Over 130 Million Square Feet...
Watch this video
You'll receive a full and detailed report showing your exact cost and savings using the EverSeal System. The decision is yours and there's absolutely no pressure.
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About EverSeal
EverSeal is a local commercial and industrial roofing contractor specializing in a unique roofing system designed to permanently seal and waterproof flat top roofs.

The "50 Year EverSeal Roof System" makes your old roof new again.  It eliminates the need for expensive re-roof projects and does away with ongoing roof repairs and maintenance.

Made from one of the earth's most weather-resistant minerals, this silica-based sealant is applied in liquid form to your roof's surface.  As it solidifies, it transforms your old roof into a brand new, 100% seamless, water-impermeable membrane guaranteed for at least 50 years.

You'll save tens of thousands of dollars and eliminate the risks associated with other roofing systems when you choose the smarter solution for your flat roofing project!

Contact EverSeal today at (402) 819-1187 for a free estimate and never worry about or even think about your roof ever again!
The Top 10 Benefits You Receive Using EverSeal:
1.  Stops current leaks … prevents future leaks … guaranteed to last for 50 years

2.  Saves you tens of thousands of dollars … the system costs 40-50% less than a typical roofing project

3.  Reduces your energy costs by 20% to 30% … more in some cases ...

4.  Lets you avoid the enormous expense of a “start from scratch” new roof

5.  Turns your old roof into a seamless, 100% watertight and weatherproof barrier.

6.  Is proven over 130 Million Square Feet... Trusted By NASA, Costco, Pinnacle Bank, Omaha Public Schools, And Many More …

7.  Eliminates the risks of ripping out and removing your roof top ... 

8.  Gives you the chance to leverage significant tax savings and incentives ... the entire system is 100% tax deductible

9.  Helps you gain peace of mind … the EverSeal System is guaranteed for 50 years … backed by a billion dollar fortune 500 manufacturer.

10.  Lets you take advantage of the latest technology to stop leaks … same materials used by NASA in the Space Shuttle program …
You'll receive a full and detailed report showing your exact cost and savings 
using the EverSeal System. The decision is yours and there's absolutely no pressure.
or call (402) 819-1187 to speak with a specialist today!
“We’ve had leak issues for 14 years and we tried all kinds of different things on our roof including two different roofers that were unsuccessful.

It became a real annoyance. But when EverSeal did their application, it stopped the leak. And it still hasn’t leaked since.

Amazing product that works very well, was fast and timely and gave real results. And the warranty was a much better warranty than what the others were giving. It’s a shame we didn’t meet EverSeal 14 years ago.”

- Kevin Roach, River Hills Church
“We hired EverSeal initially to repair the flat roof we have that had started to leak. They did a great job! Very easy to work with and they always did a great job communicating with us.

Shortly after that, a totally separate roof began to leak. It has leaked on and off for years and we've had other companies "fix" it but nothing seemed to actually fix it... it would eventually leak again.

We asked EverSeal to come back out and take a look at this roof and it seems like they have finally fixed the impossible leak!!!! Very easy to work with and an excellent communication.”

- Ted Paasch
From the desk of
Mason Milliken,
Founder/Owner EverSeal Roofing

Thursday, 8:37 a.m.
20283 Wirt Street
Elkhorn, NE 68022
"Why Roof Replacement Is History..."
Dear Colleague,

Would you ever fork over unnecessary cash to buy another car when all you needed was an oil change?  That would be absurd, right?  

Yet this is exactly what building owners and managers have been doing with their roofs for decades!

Your roof gets old and starts leaking and what do you do?  "Rip it all out and install another one!?"  Not any more...

The truth is:  You may never have to replace your roof.

How is that possible?  Because EverSeal uses a unique weather-resistant technology to permanently encapsulate, waterproof, and preserve your entire roof membrane ... making it last and work pretty much forever. 

(kind of like an "oil change" for your roof ... except that it only needs to be done once)

You see, other roofing systems (rubber, EPDM, mod bit, Tar, TPO, PVC, etc...) are made from materials that degrade, thin, and break-down over time.  That's why they NEED to be replaced. But the EverSeal system is non-degradable, non-sacrificial and it's core components have been proven by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to last hundreds of years.

Wouldn't it be nice to walk away from this roofing project knowing you'd never have to deal with your roof again?
Here's how we do it
After extensive preparation, our proprietary roofing material is carefully applied in liquid form directly to your roof by certified technicians. Within hours, it forms a direct chemical bond forming a brand new and extremely durable 100% seamless and watertight roofing system built to last and protect you for decades!

And saves you 40-50% compared to other roofing systems.
"Is this come cheap roof coating?"  No ... EverSeal is absolutely not a cheap roof coating.

Unlike typical roof coatings, the EverSeal system does NOT have to be re-coated every 5-10 years because it doesn't degrade, thin, or breakdown.  It's significantly more waterproof, is made from the world's most weather resistant materials and is guaranteed for 50 years.

Whether you need a small repair or the total EverSeal system, contact EverSeal today at (402) 819-1187 to schedule a free inspection.

Acting now could save you tens of thousands of dollars (and numerous headaches).  

We'll give you a full and detailed report showing your exact cost and savings using the EverSeal System... It could include up to 50% cash savings, 30% energy savings, and a 100% tax deduction.  (The EverSeal system is a cool, white, energy efficient roof)

A typical EverSeal installation pays for itself almost immediately.
It’s All We Do
Applying this remarkable system is quite literally all we do. We want our clients to feel confident that what they get from EverSeal is incomparable and of the highest caliber. 

All of our technicians are trained and certified in this special application technique. And we pride ourselves as being the only roofing company in America specialized, certified, and fully-dedicated to this exact roofing solution. 
Here’s what you need to do next... 
If you’re even remotely interested in having a permanently sealed roof… even if you’re just plain curious… I want to give you a free estimate today. 

There’s absolutely no obligation, no commitment required, and no pressure to work with me if you decide it’s not right for you.

If that sounds ok to you, then simply click the button below, enter your name, your contact info, and your roof's address.  And we’ll schedule a free estimate at a time that's convenient for you.

I’ll even bring you a free sample of my EverSeal sealant so you can feel for yourself just how durable, flexible, and watertight it truly is.
But please contact us right away. 
As a “boutique-style” roofing company, we only service a limited amount of clients every year and our schedule fills up very quickly. 

If your project is urgent or important for any reason, then please contact us right away so we can reserve you a spot in our project calendar as soon as possible.

Why not permanently seal your roof, save your money and your time, and cross roofing off your to-do list for good?

Click the button below to schedule your free estimate now!
or call (402) 819-1187 to speak with a specialist today!
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